Youth Range Workshop

At the TSSRM Youth Range Workshop, participants gain useful knowledge and skills in the areas of ecology, inventory practices, management and evaluation of resources. Experts from across the state are recruited to teach the participants in fields ranging from watershed management, to prescribed burning, to soil health, and many areas in between.

Additionally, youth are trained in the areas of public speaking, advocacy, and leadership, so that they are armed with the knowledge they need to effectively educate others in the area of rangeland management, regardless of the career path they ultimately choose.

The workshop is open to youth who are 14-18 years old, and have completed the 8th grade, but have not graduated from high school.
The workshop is $400, and includes all meals, lodging, and educational materials needed during the week. Participants are encouraged to seek out sponsorships from various sources, including soil and water conservation districts or local ranches, and are then asked to go back after the workshop to present what they learned to those sponsors.

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For questions regarding the workshop, please contact Jenny Pluhar at(806) 679-8729 .


Jun 23 - 28 2019


All Day

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Texas Tech University
Junction, TX
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